Five Years Ago This Month: May 2016

Five years ago this month...

...I reviewed From Here to Eternity. I'm still irritated by the style choices in this book (or just the really bad writing, still not positive which is which). I also still haven't seen the famous movie adaptation!

...I was reading We Band of Angels. Thanks to the global pandemic, I've obviously been thinking a lot about nurses in crisis and this book has stuck in my memory as another example of women working through very difficult circumstances.

...I looked back at May 2011. I was still on my first round of work in The North.

...I was reading Beyond Heaving Bosoms. This book is a tongue in cheek but affectionate guide to the romance genre and I learnt a lot from it, including how to finally stop looking down on a genre that I don't understand at all, but whose readers obviously do.

...I announced my reading plans for the year. I'm once again relieved to report that I've actually read every single one of the books listed in this post that I didn't change my mind about reading. Which is to say I lost interest in Doctor Zhivago.

...I was reading Live Alone and Like It. This book was a permanent attitude adjustment for me as a single woman. I still need to get myself a bed jacket.

...I profiled Board Member Christopher Cerf. I still have several of these bios left to write, which is rather embarrassing.

...I was distracted. Considering that I wrote eight other posts over the course of the month, I obviously was less distracted than usual. I did the census and dabbled in some swimming and watched some tv. Not terribly existing, I have to admit.

Obviously I was also doing some organizing, because I found all these old 20s in a birthday or Christmas card.  I remember taking them to the bank to exchange for new ones because I wasn't sure if they'd be accepted by any stores anymore.

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