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Does anyone even remember the last time I did one of these? Here's a hint: it was just over four years ago. I actually did have a draft for this guy created years ago, but couldn't find enough information about him online at the time, so put off finishing it. Anyway, a quick reminder that this is an extremely cursory survey of this person's life, just like the previous bios.

Christopher Cerf | Two Hectobooks
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Name: Christopher Cerf

Born: August 19, 1941
Died: Still alive!
Country of Origin/Main Residence: United States

Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Married?: Yes: Geneviève Charbin, 1972? (divorced at some point—the linked article is solid gold); Katherine Vaz, 2015
Children?: No
Education: something at Harvard
Religion: Jewish/Roman Catholic

Literary Awards: None I could find, but he's won some Grammys and Emmys

Christopher Cerf was born in, I'm guessing, New York, to a Roman Catholic mother and Jewish father, the latter of which was one of the co-founders of Random House. They were very much a media family.  Cerf went to Harvard College and then worked as an editor for a time at Random House.

From there, things get interesting, and I'm officially considering him responsible for any of the fun that's ended up on The List until I hear otherwise. Beginning in 1970 (the first season), Cerf contributed music and lyrics to Sesame Street (!) and multiple other television shows. He appears to be just generally awesome at and invested in children's tv programming, and has notably objected to the use of his work as a torture device, which is a good side to be on.

Cerf also edited the National Lampoon in its early days, and many of his authorial works are satirical, although I'm a bit skeptical about their quality based on some of the titles listed on the wiki page.  I'm very ok with the fact that he doesn't seem to be a stuffy literary novelist, however.

Sources: whatever I've linked within the post and also wikipedia

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