Five Years Ago This Month: April 2016

Five years ago this month...

...I reviewed The Wapshot Chronicle. I didn't like it and I don't really remember anything about it besides my dislike.

...I looked back at April 2011. Pretty much nothing happened, apparently.

...I was reading Vindication. I still think about Mary Wollstonecraft all the time, and I wouldn't be surprised if I read another biography about her before long.

...I reviewed The Thorn Birds. I wasn't a big fan of this book either, and I'm still bewildered about how the miniseries was so popular. But I do confess that I think of this now every time Australia is mentioned, so there's that.

...I participated in my fourth Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. It wasn't a very involved participation, however!

...I was reading A Natural History of the Romance Novel. This was part of my enlightenment about the romance genre, which I've since explored a bit more with a more open mind, and still don't like all that much. But that's ok.

...I was distracted. Mostly watching tv, apparently.

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