Five Years Ago This Month: September 2016

Five years ago this month...

...I reviewed The Age of Innocence. I've left The List behind with the impression of Edith Wharton as One Of The Greats but this novel wasn't my favourite. It's good but lacking a certain je ne sais quoi that's present in The House of Mirth. I'll certainly be reading more of her work.

...I looked back at September 2011. It was a big month, both in my memory and in terms of the blog, in that I abandoned the project of reviewing romance novels. I still reviewed some though, such as...

...I reviewed The Boss. Still a recommendation that I pass along to people as an alternative to 50SoG. The author has finished the series, if you're interested.

...I profiled Board Member Shelby Foote. Seemed like a cool dude. Will I ever finish these profiles now? I guess we'll see.

...I was distracted. There was a fair bit going on, it seems.

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