Current Distractions, September 2016 Edition

Once again, it'll be a short post this month for various reasons. It's been busy: I got food poisoning, went on a five day trip to Vancouver, and have at least two house projects that need to be worked on now. Frankly I'm just too exhausted to write anything about what I'm doing.

And I'm also not going to spend much time describing what I've been consuming as far as media goes. So here's just a list of titles/things.

  • The Knick (season 1)
  • Snowpiercer
  • The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast
  • Quantum Night by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Word on the Street (an event)
Also I'm probably the only person who has noticed this, but in case you're wondering: yes, I know the Top 100 list in the sidebar is currently broken, and I hope to fix it soon.

Here's hoping I'll perk up a bit in time for the end of next month (and/or in time to write the reviews for the two books I'm close to finishing).

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