Current Distractions, Belated August 2021 Edition

Well, summer in my part of the world is officially over now that it's after Labour Day, although it's likely we'll have a little bit more nice weather over the coming weeks. I had a good summer, although the past month wasn't really full of much reading. I did everything from attending a funeral and a wedding, travelling out of my home province for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, and just general socializing. Sadly, my home province looks like it's about to implode with new coronavirus cases. Please keep Saskatchewan in your thoughts and/or prayers.

As per usual, check out the What I'm Reading tag instead of this.

The Green Knight
Sleeping Beauty
Lethal Weapon
Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk

Hoping to be back in the pool three times per week throughout the fall, but we'll see what the virus has to say about that.

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