TBR Bingo 2019 Update

I didn't really introduce TBR Bingo as a concept this year in the same way I did last year but it adds a bit of interest in making my way through my reading list and therefore I've been doing it again this year.

I needed something to post today, so I figured I'd give you a look at my progress.

While I started out the year strong, as usual there have been several intrusions on the list I made at the beginning of the year. I'm not quite on track at the 1/3rd point of the year in the way that I'd like to be.

Blame lies on: the book club book that was actually the second book in a series, so of course I had to read the first and third book as well; the very striking cover of a non-fiction book that I spotted at the library; the very striking premise of another non-fiction book that I read about in an online comment thread; and the very tempting fresh new book that I purchased last month.

We'll see how things continue, given that I've already read almost all of the List books on this card, as well. The end of the project really seems in reach lately, so I will be pressing on with List books even though they won't contribute to my bingo game.

I'll post another update when I come to another "need something to post" day, or during the 12hppofxmas.

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