#12hppofxmas Oops

Ahahaha..ha.... So this is obviously by far the longest I've left things dangling at the end of the #12hppofxmas and here's my excuse(s):
  1. I went back to work on January 2 and in order to still read enough each evening, I had to forego blog posts.
  2. The news about Spectre and Meltdown came out on January 3 and I spent literally days on a long-overdue OS X upgrade that has slightly bricked my old laptop.
  3. ???
Here are the final page counts:
  • Day 1: 60
  • Day 2: 217
  • Day 3: 105
  • Day 4: 13
  • Day 5: 90
  • Day 6: 94
  • Day 7: 253
  • Day 8: 98
  • Day 9: 52
  • Day 10: 41
  • Day 11: 30
  • Day 12: 136
  • Total: 1189

That's right, I missed the goal by 11 pages! Argh! I totally would've had time to read those 11 pages, too, if I'd known how close I was. Ah well.

I read:
  • The Southern Reach trilogy, or rather most of it (I think next year I'd like to try reading more short selections, but we'll see!)
  • Fairy Tale Comics (a collection of fairy tale comics, believe it or not, by different artists)
  • Post Captain by Patrick O'Brian (still in progress, I am loving it and it's reminding me how much I enjoyed Master and Commander despite all the Naval terminology)
  • Attack on Titan Vol. 9 (Beast Titan, woo!)
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (also still in progress, and I'm planning to write a review of it)
  • The Perfect Gentleman by Imran Ahmad (also still in progress, my next book club book, which I need to finish and return to the library tomorrow)

Till next year!

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