Saskatchewan is A Thing: Horror Story and Other Horror Stories

Welcome to Saskatchewan is A Thing, my compilation of all of the random references to Saskatchewan (Saskatchereferences), which I believe is over-represented when it comes to random references, chasing some of the greats like Timbuktu and Tripoli. If you know of a Saskatchereference that I haven't featured yet, please leave a comment!

I read Robert Boyczuk's short story collection, Horror Story and Other Horror Stories back in 2015.

Although I love the title, and ChiZine Publications did a great job with the look and feel of the book, I wasn't blown away by the collection, and decided to remove it from what I call my "permanent collection."

However! Before I can do that, it is essential to share the Saskatchereference that it contains.

From a story called "Home," which is an sf story about a man named Abraham on a generation ship:

I love the idea of a Saskatchewan farm boy in space.

Saskatchereference Tally: 5
Saskatchereferences per Saskatcheresident: 1/219,671 (5/1,098,352)

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