Hot Name vs Mom Name

I wrote a bit about names in my review of The Thorn Birds, and I'm back to finally write about them some more.

One of the cool perks of being given a name that was very trendy for babies the year you were born is that eventually it will be a "Mom Name" instead. Like, if you're around my age, doubtless all of your mom's friends are named Sandy or Karen. The name "Megan," the popularity of which peaked in the mid-eighties, is currently tumbling over the precipice of Hot 20-something Name into a Mom Name. As someone who's never been either of those things (so far), this is kind of amusing.

A few years ago, Time Magazine put together this (somewhat buggy, alas) Baby Name Predictor that will show you the trend for various names and will also predict when the trend shows the name will become popular again. Signs for "Megan" point to an extended period in the doldrums.

Let me know how things look for your name.

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