Five Years Ago This Month: August 2016

Five years ago this month...

...I reviewed Zuleika Dobson. I feel like maybe Max Beerbohm is like a "novelist's novelist" or something. I do still think of this book from time to time in terms of its absurdity and its handful of good jokes. But that's about it. No one I mention it to has ever heard of it.

...I looked back at August 2011. I didn't post anything for the entire month, so it was a pretty quick look

...I reviewed Flowers in the Attic. It's as delicious trash as you've been led to expect. This book comes up all the time and I'm glad that I have personal experience with it to draw from in terms of being able to tell people what it's actually about and what the content is like.

...I was reading This Changes Everything. I've since had cause for some further doubt about Naomi Klein, largely to do with her stance on GMOs which may be the key to feeding the growing population in a climate changed world. However, I think this is also the book that first made me skeptical about the overall capitalist project to the point that I decided to start reading more about that, so overall it's a win. RIP Lytton, BC.

...I completed my Year of Reading Women. I read fifteen books by women whose work I'd never read before over the course of the year. This year so far I've read a higher proportion of women writers than I ever have since I started keeping track of that particular metric.

...I was distracted. Apparently I was mainly watching a lot of tv.

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