Five Years Ago This Month: February 2016

Five years ago this month...

...I looked back at February 2011. That month, I was still working up north for the first time. It was going pretty well. It feels like so, so long ago.

...I reviewed The Scarlet Letter. Apparently in 2019 I ranked Bastard Out of Carolina above this book on my Top 100 favourite novels list and I disagree with that ranking. My God it's tough to rank books but I just love this one.

...I wrote about my favourite books. Specifically, I wrote about my traditional four favourite books after revisiting them. Two of them stayed in the top four (now that I've made some adjustments to 2019's rankings) and two of them were dethroned, despite remaining in my Top 100 overall.

...I was distracted. I went to Halifax! I'd really love to go back!

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