Current Distractions, March 2020 Edition

My previous Current Distractions post seems so innocent now, with the coronavirus having taken centre stage in the world conversation over the past couple of weeks and disrupting a ton of stuff. I've already had to take one full weekend away from all internet (which was great, by the way!). I'm still working at a job and unfortunately still having to go in to an office every day to do so, but I'm glad to have that level of income and stability at least. I hope that if you're reading this you're healthy and doing well, or that it's several years after all of this and you don't even remember what I'm talking about. Who knows.

I do plan to still start some flowers growing indoors soon to be transplanted outside in May. And because I'm stuck at home whenever I'm not at work, I've been doing some baking and stuff which is always nice. Eating too many muffins, though.

The Boys (season 1)
Star Trek: Picard
Dr Stone
Castle Rock (season 2)
Tiger King
Love is Blind

Still working on that scarf.

The biggest life disruption I've dealt with due to the coronavirus so far is having to stop going swimming. I'd made it to 56.7km for the year before the pools shut down and I'm not sure when they'll be opening up again. I haven't managed to get into any sort of physical activity replacement for my swimming yet either, unfortunately. Once the pavement is drier, I'll definitely be out on my bike, though.

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