Current Distractions, February 2020 Edition

Between the pipeline protests across the country and the coronavirus, there's been a lot to distract me in the news in February. In addition to that, I came down with a cold that laid me low for a few days, plus I've been doing a fair bit of swimming, plus I painted my upstairs bathroom. I guess it's been a more productive month than I realized.

The days are getting longer, and as usual, that means that I have more energy. I'm scheduling blog posts (including this one!) on a week night, which almost never happens in the darkest part of the winter!

The Crown (season 3)
Grey's Anatomy (season 15)
Star Trek: Picard
Dr Stone
Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

I'm crocheting a scarf just in time for spring, because yeah.

Uncover: Satanic Panic (I just need to interject here to say that ever since I rewatched the excellent "Die Hand Die Verletzt" episode of The X-Files lo these many years ago now, I've been fascinated by the fact that there was this Satanic Panic that gripped the continent and/or the globe that everyone just forgot about. I'm glad to see that we're finally revisiting this as a culture.)

I'm already up to 42 km cumulatively this year, which is nearly half of my overall total for 2018, so yeah, I've evidently ramped things up. This includes putting in 3000m in a single session, which is a new personal record.

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