Current Distractions, November 2019 Edition

November has been quite a month, let me tell you. I've been insanely busy at work, which always translates to me dropping the ball when it comes to stuff at home. I also tend to watch more tv when I'm stressed out by work, because it's so much easier. This is very much reflected in my "Watching" list below. Of course, now the Christmas season starts, which I'm obviously excited about but am not prepared for as usual. Argh!

Russian Doll
Only the Brave
The King
Bojack Horseman (season 1)
Your Name
Peaky Blinders (season 1)
The Crown (season 3)
Schitt's Creek (season 5)
Santa Jaws
Anna and the Apocalypse
The Knight Before Christmas
The Color Out of Space

172km this year! That means I have 28km to go to get to the 200km mark that I'm aiming for. That's a lot of swimming in the month of December, but I'm pretty sure I can do it! Woo!

TBR Bingo Update
I got a BINGO! At long last, 23 months into my TBR Bingo, I achieved one this month. I've read two thirds of this year's bingo card, which is not bad. I've read way more than the six List books I put on this card, so overall this year has been a win for me. Here's hoping that I can cross off a few more of these books during my Xmas reading.

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