Five Years Ago This Month: July 2014

Five years ago this month...

...I examined the ratio of male to female authors on The List and the blog overall. This is something that I've actually been meaning to revisit for quite some time (obviously!). This was basically the moment where I started paying attention to how insanely unbalanced my reading was and still is between male and female authors, and how hard it can be (depending on your genres of choice) to get anything like a 50/50 split between them without actively paying attention to what you're picking up and why.

...I was distracted. July 2014 was a great month for me starting things that I'm still really into, with the two stand-outs being blood donation and Brooklyn 99. One can only hope that the World Cup returns to CBC next time around.

Stopped to take this photo while on a bike ride and I can still remember the way the mosquitoes devoured me as soon as I wasn't moving anymore.

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