Current Distractions, December 2014 Edition

Between the Twelve Hectopages of Xmas and the actual holidays, I think my distractions this month are probably pretty obvious.

Other than that, I've mainly just been trying to get my house into some semblance of order. Every day that I'm at home (ish), I try to spend at least ten minutes organizing the spare room that is currently just a giant pile of junk. I have high hopes for the eventual decluttering of that room. I've also spent time thinking about the shelving that I plan to put in my living room, which will get done in the new year, especially since I got a cordless drill for Christmas, and then I'll be able to do a bookshelf tour for the blog. (Ha!)

Really I don't have a lot to say, though, since I've been saying a lot of it on the #12hppofxmas posts.

Now I'm going to go check on what my cats are up to, because there's a suspicious amount of noise coming from the kitchen.

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