#12hppofxmas Day 5

I have had a fabulously lazy day today, that included reading but not blogging*, for which I'll have to apologize. However, the increasing number on these posts has made me realize that I really need to get my act together if I want my vacation to be productive, and so tomorrow will most likely involve more Getting Things Done. Still, I didn't actually start reading much of anything until this afternoon, and so I think I'll still get a lot of reading and also stuff done tomorrow if I just get started a bit earlier.

On Boxing Day I talked about how I wasn't sure what book to start next, and here's how that went:

From Here to Eternity - This is a List book, so far ahead of the reviews that I've posted that it doesn't even show up in the sidebar, so I guess I should probably queue up some reviews for the new year over this break of mine as well. Anyway, I'd hoped to get to a good stopping point in this book before starting my "readathon," but it reads so slowly that I only finally managed to do that today, after reading about 40 pages over the past couple of days.

Foundation - I've written about this book a bit before. It's way better than I remembered, after reading the first two parts (almost a hundred pages today), and I can't wait to find out who or what The Mule is in the next book in the trilogy.

The Eliot Girls - If you've been paying attention to this blog, you may know that I'm a sucker for anything that involves all-girl environments, because I'm a former Catholic schoolgirl. This is also CanLit, and I'm almost 70 pages in and it's pretty intriguing so far.

Foundation reads at a very good clip, so I'll be alternating parts of that with The Eliot Girls, and then doing the same with Foundation and Empire when I finish either/or of those.

*Honestly the main reason I haven't posted about my stack of books yet is that I'm feeling really lazy about uploading the pictures I took onto my computer. It'll happen before this is all over, though!

Page Counts
  • Day 1: 115
  • Day 2: 101
  • Day 3: 49
  • Day 4: 29
  • Day 5: 177
  • Pages/Day Remaining: 104

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