Current Distractions, October 2014 Edition

Dudes and ladies, sadly my posting time is pretty short again this month, but just know that it's because I spent most of this evening writing a couple of other blog posts, meaning I'm just that tiny bit closer to feeling like I could post more than once a month (a very tiny bit, but).

I went to California before Thanksgiving this month!  It was a pretty great trip, although way too hot. I'll even have a Jack London Bonus Content post for you eventually from this, plus I visited the Winchester House and the Giant Sequoias and drove 1000 miles and read four books and a bit of a fifth.

Seriously cropped view of the Winchester House
Other things I did this month include finishing watching Enterprise (it got a bit better and then nosedived at the end), writing the test that I'd been studying for, and really just that, because isn't that enough?!

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