Current Distractions, October 2012 Edition

I'm not exactly sure what I've been doing all month besides working, trying to get myself to be a bit active, and watching assorted television shows, specifically Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The Walking Dead, but also Breaking Bad and Futurama.

As usual I got my Socializing Engineers post for the month up just under the wire.

I have, however, been able to schedule posts for this blog every other week all the way up to the end of December, by which time I anticipate having been able to read The Day of the Locust. What I'm trying to imply in a roundabout way is that I'm attempting to get a regular posting schedule set up again, even if it's not a real, live review every two weeks.

It's highly doubtful that I'll be around much in November, though, because it's NaNoWriMo (aka my favourite month of the year and the only time I write fiction anymore) and also because I'll be going to Ottawa! All told, I'll be home for under ten nights all month.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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