Five Years Ago This Month: October 2016

Five years ago this month...

...I reviewed Some Do Not.... I've barely thought about it since, other than to marvel at how much better The Good Soldier was, and be a little sad at how little I liked it compared to how much I hoped I would. Ah well.

...I looked back at October 2011. Let me just say, I miss having such a new car, and also I don't miss October 2011.

...I reviewed No More Parades. To be lame, I also decided that there would be no more Parade's End for me.

...I reviewed Housekeeping. I didn't really like it, but it was beautiful and I've been wanting to try reading something else by Marilynne Robinson in hopes I might like it better. I disposed of the book in one of those dumb chain letter book exchanges that led to no books at all for me, unsurprisingly.

...I was distracted. Although I assure you I had less going on in 2016 than I do in 2021.

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