Five Years Ago This Month: January 2015

Five years ago this month...

...I completed the 12hppofxmas. Those early seasons of Grey's Anatomy were a real killer to my reading productivity.

...I listed the books I read in 2014. I read a lot of good stuff, but unfortunately not enough books from The List.

...I started reading Les Misérables. This was a terrible idea I had for a series on the blog called "la lecture en français" which unsurprisingly has still only one entry so far. Reading Les Misérables while also trying to finish this project made sense in early 2015 when I was still travelling weekly between places for work and had tons of reading time as a consequence. Eventually I counted the chapters of Les Misérables and realized that there are 365 of them, though, meaning that if I ever get to reading this book in French after all, it will be a project in itself. Maybe I'll blog about it, maybe I won't.

...I was distracted. The shelving I mentioned in this post is still in my living room and probably one of my favourite features of my house.

An adorable ice sculpture of two fish who are apparently in love.

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