#12hppofxmas The Day After

Well, my Christmas readathon didn't go at all as well as I'd hoped.

I read two entire books (The Eliot Girls and Foundation), the majority of a third book (Tokyo Vice), half of a fourth book (Foundation and Empire), and a small portion of a fifth book (From Here to Eternity). That's not necessarily a bad showing, but it wasn't my vision for the almost two weeks of reading that I did. I also totally failed to post about my plans, and the adorable picture that I took of my giant stack of books. I couldn't find the cable for connecting my camera to my computer, which is a problem for more than one reason.

My lack of success (and hey, I almost made it, but I thought that I'd do way better than this, after reading an astonishing four plus books during my vacation in October, during which I also managed to drive around 1000 miles and see some sights) is caused by two things:

First, Grey's Anatomy. I've been binge watching this show for the past while, mostly because it's comfort food. That's fine except for the part where I neglect other things to watch a show that isn't very good. For the new year, I've come up with a new rule for myself where I'm only allowed to watch tv on my tv, which is in the basement of my house and thus less convenient and therefore less tempting. We'll see how that goes, because I'm only at home about 30% of the time.

Second, life. Being an adult with responsibilities is kind of the worst. Even though I cleared my to do list for my Christmas holidays, I still came up with things that I wanted to do around my house and socially, and those things interfered with all the uninterrupted reading that I wanted to do. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it just reinforces my notion that I need to take a reading holiday sometime this year.

Page Counts
  • Day 1: 115
  • Day 2: 101
  • Day 3: 49
  • Day 4: 29
  • Day 5: 177
  • Day 6: 73
  • Day 7: 111
  • Day 8: 127
  • Day 9: 73
  • Day 10: 54
  • Day 11: 48
  • Day 12: 102
  • TOTAL: 1059 (141 pages short of goal)

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