An Articulation of My Thoughts About the 50sog Movie By Somebody Else

I just spent a little bit of time searching the blog and discovered that apparently I never wrote at all about seeing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie lo these three years ago when it was released in 2015. I'm pretty sure I actually went opening weekend. There's nothing about it anywhere, though, including my Current Distractions post for February 2015, which is when I would've seen it.

At the time I think I planned to review it, but given that I'm barely adequate at writing book reviews, I just haven't felt up to "formally" reviewing any movies yet here on the blog.

Anyway, I found the movie surprisingly enjoyable. It toned down a lot of what I disliked about Ana, and best of all it ends with her leaving him. If you ignored everything about the cultural phenomenon that was 50sog back then, and just saw the movie with no context whatsoever or knowledge that there are two sequels, I think you'd probably just be indifferent toward it at worst and mildly enjoy it at best.

Many people had a more violent/appalled reaction to the movie, though, and I think that's largely to do with the context.

But I'm not here to tell you what I think, because a YouTuber called Folding Ideas has made a video about this that basically articulates everything I thought at the time and more (he gets into things about filmmaking, plus the beginning of the video is a full-on history lesson about the origins of 50sog as a Twilight fanfic).

Enjoy, but be warned: it's over an hour long.

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