Five Years Ago This Month: March 2012

Five years ago this month...

...I was belatedly distracted. Sure managed to keep track of stuff better back then!

...I profiled Board Member A. S. Byatt. I've now profiled five board members, i.e. half of them!

...I wrote about the Finnegans Wake audiobook. It's my most popular post of all time by a large margin.

...I reviewed World War Z. It was fine and although some parts have proved memorable (the dogs, of course), I ultimately didn't end up keeping the book on my shelf. I think the audiobook would be a better investment in this case.

...I responded to an article about men staring at women. Five years later I'm happy to report that I'm still a lady lech.

And no pictures! This is the usual reminder that I still didn't have a smartphone at this point.

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