Five Years Ago This Month: January 2012

Five years ago this month...

...I was belatedly distracted. I believe this was the first time I posted the list of books I'd read over the course of the previous year, a tradition which has, shall we say, ballooned in scope over the years.

...I reviewed Kim. I've always gone back and forth on rating this one 3/3, but it's much too late to change that now. Kipling's voice is such a strange one to hear from in this century, but shouldn't be altogether dismissed.

...I endured the long dark night of the soul that was reading Finnegans Wake. A moment of silence.

...I wrote about a Big Bang Theory panel I went to at Dragon*Con. The fact that I got so much fodder for a post out of a con panel is further proof that I need to go back to Dragon*Con at some point. The Big Bang Theory has been going on for ten seasons now, I have no idea what's happening on it anymore, and nobody cares what I think about it.

...I reviewed Doomsday Book. This book had its problems, but it was a fun time travel story.

...I was distracted. Apparently this was the month I fell in love with both Uncharted and making bread.

And here's the first loaf of bread I made!

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