Five Years Ago This Month: September 2010

Five years ago this month...

...I reviewed The Old Wives' Tale. I'm already predisposed to love books about sisters, and this one was no exception. I liked it a lot.

...I officially switched to a two-reviews-per-month schedule. I don't think it lasted long.

...I reviewed the Earth's Children series. That is to say, I reposted and expanded on an old review of the first five books of the series. Little did I know, a sixth book was just around the corner to ruin everything.

...I was distracted. In my first ever Current Distractions post, I wrote about The X-Files and some other less important stuff.

...I reviewed Ragtime. Perhaps the most perplexing book I've ever found likeable, but it's really hard to say.

Proof that I was still reading slightly ahead at this point.

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