Five Years Ago This Month: July 2010

Five years ago this month...

I love wedding centrepieces.

...I reviewed Gone with the Wind. The A.V. Club recently ran an article about how Gone with the Wind is undeniably, objectionably racist, which of course I didn't get into at all in my review. I mostly agree with that article. But I still think the book is a helluva ride.

...I wrote my first retrospective post. Really need to get around to some of that graphing that I promised.

...I reviewed Midnight's Children. It was excellent, and after sort of revisiting The Satanic Verses in the past few months, I have to say it's my favourite of Rushdie's works that I've read.

...I got kicked in the teeth by a romance novelist. Obviously I'm speaking figuratively. In the blog's most exciting episode to date, Anna DeStefano read my review of her book, which led to a lot of soul-searching on my part, and a post that's well worth reading if you've just joined me within the last few years/months/days.

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