Five Years Ago This Month: April 2010

Five years ago this month...

Easter eggs! I have so few candid photos from my pre-smartphone era!

...I reviewed Sophie's Choice. It's written by board member William Styron, which made me rather uneasy. In retrospect I sort of didn't get it, but I stand by not liking it much despite gaining a bit of new insight.

...I reviewed The Single Dad's Virgin Wife. Basically it didn't have enough virginity in it for my taste.

...I got a job, so I poked my head up out of the obscurity of incredibly regular reviews to say I was still alive. It was the same job that I still have to this day, fyi!

...I reviewed Under the Net. It's made almost literally no longterm impression on me besides the comment about being "in a kettle of fish," which I still like a lot.

...I reviewed In the Flesh. Though I was dismissive of it at the time, I can safely say that it's still the sexiest book that I've read for the blog. I've got some more erotica lined up, though (because why not?), so we'll see if that changes or not...

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