Current Distractions, March 2015 Edition

Well, if I can say one thing about March it's that it's been quite a month. Lots of ups and downs, and as usual my memory for just about everything is terrible. Here's what I know I've been doing for sure:


Babylon 5
Somehow I made it through the first season of this show and suddenly it improved immensely, and it's now something that I'm glad to watch rather than rolling my eyes at. There must be some viewer guides out there that explain the important parts of the first season so that you can skip directly to the second. I'll see if I can find one for next time.

Grey's Anatomy
I got through a whole bunch more of this show, including season 9 in which someone decided to throw a whole bunch of new interns at the wall and see which ones stuck. They're not even playing lip service to the gender disparity in the surgical profession anymore, though, because of five new interns, only one was male. I'm not complaining exactly, because I mostly just didn't like any of the new characters and couldn't bring myself to care about them this late in the game, after so many shenanigans. There's only one more season to go on Netflix, thank God.

Fast and Furious
I'm not sure what the actual name of this franchise is, but I marathoned all of it this past weekend with some friends. I'm still very sketchy on literally all of the details, but I can't wait to see cars drive through multiple skyscrapers.


International Women's Day
Ok I didn't intentionally do anything in particular on International Women's Day unless you count that I was thinking about writing a woman-related post and just didn't get around to it.


I actually started using this app before this month, but it's only the past few weeks that I've been, as far as I'm concerned, making progress instead of just pushing myself and then recovering in an unproductive cycle. And guess what, one of my weekly tasks is blogging! Right now that means trying to build a buffer, but maybe, just maybe, two years or so from now, I'll be able to post something weekly again.


Terry Pratchett
Last but not least. All my news comes from Twitter these days, and that's how I heard about Terry Pratchett's death on March 12. This wasn't unexpected--the man had had Alzheimer's disease for a number of years--but it was still a shock, and I cried at my desk through lunch and then shuffled papers for the afternoon. When I got home that weekend I picked up Small Gods, which I've now finished, and I'll post more about my feelings for Sir Terry and his work in my review of that book (which will likely jump the queue).

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