In Which I Address My Faithful Readers

Hello to the highly intelligent and ultra sexy people who've been reading my blog faithfully. I'm fairly certain I talk to all of you in person on a fairly regular basis, but let's just pretend that other people read this blog, too, okay?

A few days ago I realized I'd reviewed ten whole books, and thought I'd do a quick post to be all, "Hey dudes, I'm still alive, it's not just the internet posting up reviews!" And I'm still saying that. Also, does anyone have any suggestions/feedback or what have you? "Be smarter" or "be funnier" don't count, because I can't do either of those things.

Anyway, that's all I was planning to say. Apparently the universe has been conspiring this week to get me a job, and so all of a sudden I have one. This is good for me and probably bad for the blog. So now I also have to say sorry in advance in case I end up having to post only once every couple of weeks, or whatever.

But we'll see how it goes!

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