#12hppofxmas Day 10

Well thanks to the pandemic keeping me at home and inside for the majority of my holidays, I'm well ahead of schedule with my reading. Even excluding the graphic novel I read, I'm ahead of schedule. So today, being my last day before holidays, I'm cutting back on the reading and trying to get a few things prepped for going back to work. (I should mention, I'm currently reading Before I Go to Sleep, an amnesia thriller, and Patient H.M., non-fiction about a somewhat similar topic.)

While I'm happy about how much I've read, I'm still feeling fairly glum about things in general.

In the event that you follow this blog closely enough to have occasion to wonder where my usual end of year book round up is: I'm not done yet. Hopefully it'll be ready within the next week.

Pages Read:

Day 1: 106
Day 2: 282
Day 3: 84
Day 4: 252
Day 5: 221
Day 6: 74
Day 7: 188
Day 8: 214
Day 9: 132
Day 10 (so far): 47
Cumulative: 1600
Cumulative Target: 1000
How Far Off Track Am I?: -600

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