As winter comes to the coronaworld, I’m trying out different things to keep me busy. So, one of those will be a weekly post to share things I think are cool/important/fun/interesting, from books to shows to podcasts and other things in between.

First up is Faded Page.

This is a site compiling over 5000 books that are in the public domain in Canada. It’s similar to Project Gutenberg but has a Canadian twist AND has some newer books thanks to Canadian copyright law. (They’re still pretty old though.)

You can find everything from propaganda pamphlets from 1914 about settling the western provinces to Nellie McClung’s memoirs, from Anne of Green Gables and pretty much everything else L.M. Montgomery ever wrote to a two-volume report on the search for the Franklin expedition published in 1851. There are many things in between that have absolutely nothing to do with Canada!

Enjoy! And let me know if you find any gems.

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