Current Distractions, Slightly Belated December 2019 Edition

Happy New Year!!!

It's always a bit weird doing my Current Distractions update for December in the middle of the 12hppofxmas. I usually schedule the posts a few days in advance, but during this time I'm usually updating the blog a lot more frequently than I typically would. Also, yesterday I went to the pool and I wanted to have my final total cumulative swimming distance for 2019 recorded here for posterity.

Star Wars Episode IX (Rise of Skywalker
Jojo Rabbit
Peaky Blinders (season 1)
The Crown (season 3)
Grey's Anatomy (season 15)
Big Mouth (season 3)


I finished off the year with a 2300m swim that got me up to a total of 200.6km for 2019. Can I get to 300km in 2020? We'll see!

12hppofxmas Update
It's Day 8 now and I'm still woefully far behind. I did at least manage to finish reading Under the Volcano so now that that's no longer hanging over my head I'm excited about reading other stuff again. Alas, I also now am looking at the last five days of my holiday and I have a ton of non-reading related stuff to do, including for this blog. So we'll see how that all goes.

Pages Read:

Day 1: 6
Day 2: 17
Day 3: 14
Day 4: 17
Day 5: 141
Day 6: 88
Day 7: 118
Day 8 (so far): 40
Cumulative: 441
Cumulative Target: 800
How Far Off Track Am I?: 359

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