#12hppofxmas Day 6 and TBR Bingo Update Q4

I was right! Yesterday I read a grand total of 17 pages.

I've read more today, although I'm trying to have a somewhat more productive day at the same time, meaning that I'm alternating reading with actually getting a few things done around the house for a change.

While looking at my page counts today, I also took a look at my TBR Bingo sheet, and realized that I won't be crossing off anything else for the rest of the year. So, let's just take a look, shall we?

I only read two additional books in Q4 versus Q3, and those two have been in the last couple of weeks. I had originally planned to read strategically (i.e. Little, Big and Wild Rose in order to make sure I got a bingo, but when the time came to start those books, the stars just weren't aligned in their favour.

The reason I didn't get to more of the TBR Bingo books in the last part of the year is threefold:
  1. I read three book club books (not on the card).
  2. I absolutely had to read three other books, basically just because the spirit moved me (not on the card).
  3. I got a lot further into The List than I was expecting to. (There were only three List books on the bingo card, and in total I read about ten this year, depending on how you want to count.)
In order to try and actually get a bingo next year, I'm implementing a couple of strategies. The first is that I'm going to leave five spots on the card for book club books. These will be numbered so that I can't fill them up strategically to get a bingo quicker. The second is that I'll be putting all of the List books that I need to finish in 2019 in order to stay on track on the bingo card. To make this work I'm going to have to just number these as well, because there's a trilogy coming up, and I'm not sure if I'll finish it or not. I'll be posting my new bingo card along with my reading plans sometime next month.

(You can find my previous TBR Bingo Update here.)

Pages Read:

Day 1: 46
Day 2: 202
Day 3: 80
Day 4: 151
Day 5: 17
Day 6 (so far): 78
Cumulative: 574
Cumulative Target: 600

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