Current Distractions, Very Belated February 2018 Edition

Holy crow, everyone. Here's what happened:

I had been having computer issues for a while. I mentioned in my June 2017 Current Distractions post that I wanted to upgrade my computer. I did upgrade my computer, adding more RAM, and almost adding a new hard drive except that something weird happened there and I wasn't able to.

And then, last month, my 7+ year old MacBook Pro, Taliesin, finally bit the dust. It just won't turn on anymore, apparently. Fortunately I'd seen the writing on the wall and had been diligently backing things up, so as far as I know right now, everything is now migrated to my new Mac Mini, which doesn't have a name yet. The last one was named Toby, and that was the computer that I started this blog on! So I feel like we've come full circle. I hope that the new computer, whatever I end up naming it, will see the end of this project.

Yes, I am literally writing this before even naming my computer. Also yes, I do have access to a lot of other computers that I could've written this post on before now. I am simply not that dedicated.

I think also needless to say, two weeks into March, that February now feels like a distant memory. It doesn't help that I've been working extra time and also going out and being social quite a lot. Also I'm still swimming! This week has been a bad week in general and I haven't gone since Sunday, but I'm going tomorrow evening! I swear! In February I swam 13,700m and as of right now I have a cumulative total for the year of over 20km! I'm so proud of myself!

So yeah. I've been watching the usual shows, and doing the usual things, and as of the beginning of this month I was supposed to start spring cleaning but I haven't actually started yet. I'm going through my posting schedule right now, and clearly I missed posting the book review that was supposed to be posted this month (it's for East of Eden, I hope you'll like it!). I'm still going to post it but of course not on the previously scheduled day.

Anyway, this has been a weird update, stay tuned for things to get back to normal, I hope.

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