Current Distractions, March 2018 Edition

Happy Easter!

So, we're back to "normal," sort of. I haven't had a lot of spare time lately for various reasons. Not least of which is at least one of the things that I'm about to mention. Although on looking at this list again I'm surprised just how many things I've watched over the course of the month, and I should probably cut back!

The spring weather in Saskatchewan is as disappointing as usual, which is to say that we're experiencing a late March cold snap. I don't really get excited about spring until mid-April, because that's when we can reasonably expect it here. Every additional year I live I get more and more frustrated with people who complain about cold weather in March. Every March is cold. I'll be very concerned when March stops being cold, frankly.


RuPaul's Drag Race
Season 8 and 9 of this are on Netflix, which means that I'm finally watching after literally years of my friends recommending this show to me. It's so fucking good. I'd almost forgotten how much I really love good quality trash reality tv.

This is the latest serial killer show that I'm watching with my mom. It's great! It's about the early days of serial killer profiling at the FBI, and I think is based on relatively true events. It gets pretty gritty and in your face, which I think is something that the genre really needs.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople
I convinced my brother to watch What We Do in the Shadows and now he's as in love with Taika Waititi as the rest of us, so we watched this. It's really really sweet.

Pacific Rim 2
As expected, this didn't quite have the magic of the first one, which is this beautiful pageant of archetypes and mecha and monsters. I dunno if anyone has put monsters on screen as lovingly as Guillermo del Toro has, and, if you can believe this, I thought that the climax of this movie strained credibility. Still, it was worth a watch and was reasonably entertaining.

Iron Man 3
I've once again been seduced into watching superhero movies. Black Panther was pretty entertaining, and those Avengers: Infinity War trailers have been hitting right to the core of my sentimental, beautiful-man-loving being. This movie was pretty good. Robert Downey Jr. has been upstaged by pretty faces in the last few Marvel movies I've seen him in, and it was good to see him shine again on his own.

Oh my God. If you haven't seen this yet, do not waste any more time.

Heading to the theatre after I post this!

I mentioned this issue in my TBR Bingo update, but I've been reading really huge books and it's a bit of a trial in terms of making progress on my huge reading list. It's especially frustrating that they're good books but slow moving.

The System of the World
Titus Groan

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