Current Distractions, January 2018 Edition

Have I ever mentioned that I've been using Scrivener to write the drafts of my posts since about September 2016? I haven't loaded all of my old drafts into it yet, but I've gradually been adding things, and occasionally I like to check the total combined word count. As of this writing, I count over 190,000 words on this blog. That total is incorrect for a couple of reasons: (1) I have stuff in Scrivener that hasn't made it on to the blog yet; and (2) as mentioned, a fair amount of the stuff on the blog isn't in Scrivener yet. If I think of it, I'll provide an update once I have an accurate count.

Anyway, January has flown by. I worked some overtime this month, and also I'm trying to train for a recreational swimming event that I want to participate in, and also I've had a very mild cold for the last week and a half that has cut my energy. Honestly though I feel like I let this January go to waste. On the other hand, the days are starting to get noticeably longer, which means that my energy levels should start going up any minute now.


Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
I guess I forgot to mention that I went to see this over the Xmas break, but I also ended up seeing it again when a friend had a ticket to give away. I really liked it (in terms of new Star Wars movies, I'd rank them thus: The Force Awakens < The Last Jedi < Rogue One. It held up well on a second viewing, although oddly enough I agree with this Forbes article that says there should've been podracers in it instead of alien racehorses. Ask me about my Rey/Kylo Ren fan fiction.

Cesare Borgia is such a magnificent asshole in this show. I'm probably going to have to read a history of the Borgias after this is all over.

Big Little Lies
I finished it! It was great.

Star Trek TNG
Star Trek Discovery
Halt and Catch Fire
One Punch Man

3900m cumulative so far.


Here is the weird lyric video for it.

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