Current Distractions, December 2017 Edition

I'm pleased to report that after several hours of work today, I've finally completed the post about my 2017 books read that's scheduled for posting tomorrow. I've also created a template to be filled out over the course of next year so that I don't end up doing it all in one shot on New Year's Eve yet again.

Ah well.

I'm over a day ahead with #12hppofxmas thanks to reading Attack on Titan, Vol. 9 this morning. I also decided to start Post Captain after finishing the Southern Reach trilogy and so far that's going well.

As far as December and its distractions are concerned, Christmas is the obvious one as usual. I did a lot of visiting and had visitors staying with me for a couple of days as well. This Christmas season felt like it went by extremely rapidly. Tomorrow I'll be taking down my Christmas tree and putting away all of my decorations, which is always kind of a sad day.


Watch this in German with English subtitles. For those who enjoyed The OA, "'—All You Zombies—'", and Les Revenants.

Big Little Lies
Damn CraveTV for having such a terrible web video player that I've only been able to watch two episodes of this and am considering just reading the book instead.

The Jinx
I'm surprised I haven't mentioned this before. A documentary series with a very surprising ending.

Star Trek TNG
Halt and Catch Fire


All Xmas music all the time, plus Deadly Manners, a murder mystery podcast in the vein of Clue with a pretty impressive cast.

Page Counts
  • Day 1: 60
  • Day 2: 217
  • Day 3: 105
  • Day 4: 13
  • Day 5: 90
  • Day 6: 94
  • Day 7: 253
  • Pages/Day Remaining: 74

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