Current Distractions, September 2017 Edition

Blargh! I knew I had to write this post last night and then proceeded to completely forget about it because I was...


Grey's Anatomy
Guys, the 13th season of this has popped up on Netflix and I don't know if I've been up front about how much of a guilty pleasure this dumb show is for me, but I will absolutely be watching the entire thing as quickly as I can. At least one character just randomly disappeared between seasons, which is unusual (if someone is going to leave the show there's usually a big production about it in the preceding season, or they die dramatically, although there have been a few notable exceptions).

I'll be writing in a more dedicated way about this show in the near future, I'm sure. For now, I've seen the first two episodes, and I am still cautiously optimistic.

The OA
My friend Anne recommended this and I accidentally went ahead and watched it in two days. It was not what I expected!

We'll just stick with what I've been watching for now because I'm pressed for time. It's the last nice day of the year, I'm pretty sure, and that means I need to get outside and do a whole bunch of work in the yard to get things ready for winter. Wish me luck!

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