Current Distractions, August 2017 Edition

I'm honestly not sure whether this month has gone by fast or slow. It's been very eventful, anyway. The beginning of August was the hot height of summer, and now here I am looking out the window at my struggling front yard tree (it's being attacked by some sort of pest) with a few leaves already changing colour. I like fall a lot, though, and I'm hoping that I can wrap up some of the "house projects" and such that I've been working on over the past while sooner rather than later, so that I can enjoy walks in the cool evenings and things like that.

As per usual, I have very little energy for actually writing this post (I'm squeezing this in between scheduling the next review in my queue, and writing a new one, and the list of other things that I should be doing this evening).

Call the Midwife

2050: Degrees of Change
Ear Hustle

Summer seems to be when I lose people. My Grandpa died in the middle of the month. He'd had dementia for several years but deteriorated quickly after breaking his leg (someone at the funeral commented—I think correctly—that basically the universe or God wouldn't make him live long without the ability to dance). He was a man of rare honour and humour, who could always be relied upon for a spin around the dance floor. He loved to be surrounded by his big family and I'll always remember him that way.

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