Current Distractions, May 2017 Edition

I'm writing this post a bit early because life is crazy right now and I almost certainly won't have time to write it later. My cats moved out last month and I've been going through a very long spring cleaning process that should've been done at the end of April and is instead lingering in a very stressful way. I'm also engaged in a large-scale organization project. Both of these things mean that my house isn't peaceful and neat but rather a disaster that I can't stop thinking about. It's awful, because the weather is nice and I feel like I need to be inside cleaning up. One thing I'm trying to remind myself of, though, is that it's only May right now, meaning that I still have almost the whole summer ahead of me.

That said, all I really have to write about is some stuff I've been watching. I've been too stressed to read much, and am still listening to all the same podcasts as usual (although I am considering just writing a post about the podcasts I listen to, so look out for that in the near or distant future).


It's back and it's... not really better. I feel like there are more montages set to music than are really necessary, and I can't remember if that was the case in the first season. And also I am finding the plot fairly convoluted. But it's still a joy to look at, so I'm still looking at it.

Brooklyn 99
No duh. The latest season just arrived on Netflix.

I finished watching the first season this month. This show was dumb from the beginning and there was never enough Reggie. On the other hand, Jughead was everything the teen girl in me ever wanted, and that's pretty fun. As an increasingly old woman, I'm happy for anything that puts me back in the brainspace of my younger self.

This was better than I expected. On the other hand I've skipped a few of the recent Xmen films so I wasn't exactly sure what was going on with Charles Xavier. Speaking of Charles Xavier, though, I just want to say that wow, sir Patrick Stewart still has it.

A really moving dark comedy about a woman who generates a monster in Seoul when she goes into a park in her hometown. I definitely recommend it.

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