Current Distractions, February 2017 Edition

Well, this has to be one of the weirdest Februarys I can recall in terms of, you guessed it, the weather. It was stupidly warm for most of the month, so I've done my best to take advantage of the good weather, but I still managed to watch some tv and do various other things. Never as much as I want to do, alas!


Kind of a dumb costume drama, but I am here for all of the dumb costume dramas Netflix wants to throw at me.

Borgia: Faith and Fear (season 1)
A smarter costume drama, as described here. Amazeballs costumes, rabbits, death. Also side note, I found that linked blog post while trying to figure out which Borgia show was the "good one," since two were made virtually simultaneously. I only just discovered while writing this post that the blog belongs to Ada Palmer, who wrote a book called Too Like the Lightning that I am tremendously interested in reading. Small world!

Star Trek TNG
Still waiting for Discovery.

Now that we're finished watching Happy Valley, my mom and I are looking for a new show to get into. I don't think this will be it, but I'm open to other suggestions.

Halt and Catch Fire (season 2)
I was putting off watching this for no reason. This show is so good and I feel like no one else I know ever talks about it.

I'm happy that M. Night Shyamalan seems to have figured out how to make good movies again. He brings a weird sensibility to things but I enjoyed the hell out of this.


Every now and then I stumble upon a country song that's just a little too real. I was anti country until my dad bought a car that only had AM radio in it, and I developed a taste for country. It's kind of a funny music genre because it's pure unadulterated nostalgia about 90% of the time, but there are some gems. This is one.

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