Current Distractions, August 2016 Edition

I must say, I'm pretty sad to see August go. I've been more exhausted by this summer than anything, and fall is my second favourite season (after spring), but it's still bittersweet to see the summer pass by. Hopefully I'll have more to write about at the end of next month, but when I haven't been doing productive things or completely unproductive things, what I've mostly spent my time on is watching stuff.


How to Get Away With Murder season 2
I finished watching the first season of this with my friends quite a few months ago now, and what with summer stuff going on, we didn't manage to get back together to watch the next season until this month. I'd forgotten how batshit it gets and how insane the cliffhangers are at the end of every episode. This show is such trashy fun and I would encourage anyone who likes that sort of thing to watch it.

Stranger Things
Everyone else has already talked about this show. I liked it a lot!!

Star Trek TNG
Oh. My. God. Rewatching this for the first time in almost a decade has been so much fun. I'd forgotten how good it was, after watching several first season episodes that are incredibly lacklustre. I'm now partway through the second season and it's so good. I've said before and I'll say again: Deep Space Nine is probably a somewhat better show objectively than TNG, but it's certainly not more prominent in my heart.

Shaka Zulu
This giant 80s miniseries is on Netflix and I'm watching it with my mom, who supposedly first watched it while dealing with a colicky baby who may or may not share my name/initials/DNA. It's weird but I also kind of love it.

Next month I hope to be writing about The Knick, because I just picked up the first season from the library and I'm very excited to get into it although it may or may not scar me forever. Woo!

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