Current Distractions, July 2016 Edition

As usual, I've done a pretty terrible job of keeping track of what I've been up to this month that has prevented me from reading. And believe me, I've had a major reading slow down in July compared to June. A lot of that has been work-related, but I think it'd be safe to blame the rest of it on the fact that it's summertime and I've been socializing a lot more than I've been reading. I spent the first week of the month in northern Saskatchewan, and since then I've been back home, attending parties and bridal showers and weddings and going to the beach and getting sunburned.


I went to a local production of an all-female Julius Caesar adaptation called J. Caesar, which was great. Of course I also read the play to prepare to see the show. And the play is great on its own!


I gave up on Bloodline season two. I ended up not watching the show for a while and didn't really miss it, so I just decided not to continue it. On a somewhat related note, I haven't even started watching Orange Is The New Black season four. I'm not sure if anyone I know has watched it yet either. So instead of watching anything new, I'm now attempting to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time, while also being more excited to do a rewatch of Star Trek: The Next Generation now that all of Star Trek is on Netflix. And speaking of that...

Star Trek Beyond was a marked improvement over the previous film, but I have to say it didn't really blow me away. It was just fine. But on that note...


Holy hell. I have been waiting for a new Star Trek television show for years and years and years. Since exhausting the existing canonical works (with the exception of a lot of TOS and a little of TAS) and experiencing a complete lack of success finding something to fill the Star Trek-shaped hole in my heart, I've been feeling the need for new Trek even more.

But Star Trek: Discovery is coming, and I doubt I can put into words how much I'm looking forward to it. I've already watched this dumb teaser (which is just the ship coming out of some weird space dock) more times than I care to admit.

(Hopefully the embedded video continues to work, I had a hard time finding an official one. Will replace if necessary/I notice it's not working.)

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