Five Years Ago This Month: December 2010

Five years ago this month...

For some reason the landlord of the apartment across the street from mine at this time figured that he had some sort of claim over the street in front of the building. One day I had to park there for a few minutes over my lunch hour, and this instantly bloomed on my windshield.
...I reviewed The Death of the Heart. I sometimes wonder whether I rated this book too harshly, and then realize that I remember almost nothing about it. Since this review, I've read a short story by Elizabeth Bowen that I really enjoyed, though, so I'm planning to read more of her work after all.

...I reviewed Divided Kingdom. The last of my "classic" reviews, about a book that I read in summer '06 (almost a decade ago now!) and didn't like much.

...I got a Tumblr account. I haven't updated said account since 2013. I probably won't ever again. I don't like Tumblr. Follow me there if you feel like it.

...I was distracted. I'd like to know who isn't distracted in December.

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