Finnegans Wake: The Musical

Apparently there actually has been a musical adaptation of Finnegans Wake presented at an Off Broadway theatre almost exactly ten years ago. I have literally no information about it besides the article I linked to, so.

What I’m actually writing about today is a project I was alerted to via a comment that I got on Finnegans Wake: The Audiobook, which I’m pretty sure is the most popular post in the history of this blog, because literally no one wants to read Finnegans Wake.

Of course the existence of this project gives the lie to that statement.

Waywords and Meansigns just went live on May 4, the 76th anniversary of the book’s publication. It’s all of Finnegans Wake set to music, for free, and while I can promise you that I won’t be listening to it (aside from possibly sampling some isolated bits until I ragequit), if you absolutely must experience this book after everything that I’ve said against it, this seems like it'll end up being the least unbearable option.

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