Current Distractions, November 2014 Edition

Well, my biggest distraction right now is simply that I have a cold and it makes me want to do absolutely nothing except sit around. I've forced myself to write this post because it's the right thing to do, though, and I really need to pick up the pace when it comes to this blog. Next month is the big #12hppofxmas readathon, after all!

One thing that hasn't been distracting me this month, unfortunately, is NaNoWriMo. I've had a really bad showing with NaNo these last several years, and I'm not too sure what the problem is overall (I have a good idea of why I failed last year and the year before, but this year was a little less obvious), only that it makes me pretty sad how poorly I've done. I guess I just don't have the determination lately.

I passed the test that I think I've mentioned previously.

I've also been watching season 1 of Luther, which of course has made me love Idris Elba, if Pacific Rim hadn't done the job already.

This is going to have to be another lacklustre post, though, mainly due to my being sick. Listen, though. I have a regularly scheduled post for December and the #12hppofxmas, and then I might, just maybe, try posting twice a month in the new year. I currently have an eight book buffer (almost) built up, and by the time the holidays arrive I hope to have that up to twelve. So we'll see. I'll let you know how things are going at the end of December.

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