Current Distractions, December 2013 Edition

I'd originally planned to write something in advance of my holidays, so that I'd have one less thing to do during them. That didn't happen. In fact overall my holidays haven't gone as planned. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though.

Presents! Xmas trees! Woo!

Some things I did this month:
  • Scrambling to finish reading The Dark Tower series before the end of the year
Believe it or not I will have some reviews about this to post eventually, so I won’t say much about it right now.
  • Scrambling to finish watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine
I didn’t have a deadline for this, but I did want to get the series wrapped up. It was spectacular and I highly recommend it. I think I might be madly in love with Ron Moore [Ron D. Moore, Ronald Moore? not sure of the preferred appellation here]. While I’m not sure I’d call DS9 a better series than Battlestar Galactica, it was also a Star Trek series, so of course I loved it just that little bit more. Anyway, this means that I’m not currently deeply involved in any particular show. I intend to keep it that way until I've gotten a few things accomplished in the new year.
  • Scrambling to finish watching Breaking Bad
I've been watching this with my sister, and the last eight episodes mostly involved us saying to each other "That's the spoiler I saw" after each big event on the show. Still, SPOILER ALERT, Jesse survived, which was all I could hope for. I've seldom been so attached to a fictional character.

Now I'm just doing a bunch of reading, spending all of my savings, and hanging out with various people. On the day this post goes up, I might go see the new Hobbit movie. Woo, holidays!

And oh, in case this sort of thing interests you, the top five search results that lead people to this blog (at least the ones Google Analytics will show me) are for the Finnegans Wake audiobook. So if you're looking for a get rich quick scheme*, I'd say there's definitely a market for a new and accessible recording of that book.

Someone please give the people what they want!

*Disclaimer: Probably won't actually make you rich.

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