Current Distractions, Belated November 2013 Edition

Unfortunately I've been a bit distracted again at the edge of this month, and so there's been another delay in telling you about the last one, dear Reader(s). But let me tell you, my biggest distraction in November was work. Between October 28 and November 15 I worked a total of 161 hours. The normal amount of hours that someone working full time would have worked on those days? 112. So yes, not only did I put in an extra week's worth of work over the course of three, I also worked overtime during that week.

Fortunately all of that work culminated in a transfer to a new project working under, shall we say, better conditions. And working on a school, which feels a bit more uplifting in terms of the contributions I'm making to society. I'll predict right now that I'll hate the LEED system long before this project is over, though.

Anyway, that's work. My new project is located in a small town much too far away to drive to every day, so I'm renting a little house and carpooling each week with some other people. This means I'm learning the joys of grocery shopping on foot in extremely cold weather (it's for suckers, basically), small town stares and gossip, and taking advantage of the unlimited data on my phone like never before. I've also been:


Star Trek Deep Space 9 season 6 (which blew my mind) and these Mindcrack videos by Sethbling (which have been doing likewise);


To the Judge John Hodgman podcast (this episode in particular is can’t-miss) and Christmas music; and

A Bunch of Other Stuff, not much of which included NaNoWriMo, I'm devastated to report.

I know I promised a somewhat more comprehensive post when I last wrote, but this will have to do. My Christmas holidays are coming up soon, so it’s very likely you’ll hear more from me then.

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